The list of Regulations of the Foundation

اذهب الى الأسفل

The list of Regulations of the Foundation

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The list of Regulations of the Foundation
Geographical scope of work: Egypt ( all cities of Egypt )
Fields of work of the Foundation: to provide all the services& assistance, care of disable persons, care of family & childhood, organization of trips, productive families, training courses, sportive cultural club and human rights.
Purpose of the Foundation: the development, rehabilitation, and provide all the services and assistance to all segments of society, create job opportunities to increase production, social & economic growth of the community, and the advancement of the sport.
• Provide all the services, social assistance, care of disable persons, talented, and childhood.
• Organizing various tours, trips and cultural exchange between nations and peoples.
• Establishment a sportive cultural club, to create sportive teams for different sports, and create a generation of athletes to promote the sport in Egypt.
• Concerts, seminars, festivals, competitions and different, and the distribution of prizes.
• The establishment of permanent exhibitions, temporary marketing of products for the productive families.
• Issuance of a magazine, newspaper, and website, and all means of education, media, and education.
• Disseminate concepts, and values of human rights, and the development of the individual's awareness of their rights and duties.
• Training courses (computer - Languages - Advertising – Educational lessons - Literacy - Handicraft - artwork - heritage - human development - the rehabilitation of street children -... etc.).


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